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At the end of the year 2012, SASCO Group is built up of 29 companies, all located in Doha. The corporate activities are including most various business fields and the coverage goes from real estate construction to culture and education, from unitized aluminium curtain walls and glazings to hotel and catering operations, from uPVC windows and doors to pharmaceutical and medical solutions. Since the early beginnings the core activities of trading & contracting are dedicated to the construction business. Today the SASCO Group, by the means of the ITCC (Imperial Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.), takes responsibility as a maincontractor for construction. Altogether 17 (out of 29) corporate companies give their supports to perform turnkey projects.

We are The Leading Construction Group and we are proud to provide highest Quality since 1983 till today. In Qatar SASCO Group is a constant in the market, with a steady growth of value and an increasing customer base every year.

In order to render improved tailor-made services to the customers with enhanced efficiency, perfection and quality, SASCO Group owns and operates its own corporate factories, divisions and other facilities such as aluminum and steel fabrication, cladding, glazing, carpentry, chemical, mechanical, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, warehouses, storages, nurseries, storing position areas etc.

group today02Thriving business of SASCO Group provided umpteen opportunities to leverage its overseas operations. Meanwhile SASCO Group undertakes successful enterprises in Kerala/India, Tamil Nadu/India, Abu Dhabi/UAE and Dubai/UAE.

The SASCO Group has grown to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with a multi-branched organization and a multicultural staff of more than 10,000 people. The efficient organization of SASCO Group is based on both, the decentralized operations (companies) and the centralized corporate head office departments (finance, personnel, marketing). As a huge employer, the group follows up a human philosophy and takes social responsibility. The keyword is “sustainability”, to ensure the economical future of the group and the life quality of the engaged associates. SASCO Group will achieve and realize this intentions, with high motivation and embedded in the secure general conditions of the State of Qatar.

The Board of Directors


Mr. Abdulla Khalaf Mansoor Al-Kaabi
The Chairman
Mr. James K. Chacko
Managing Director

Mr. Lukose K Chacko
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. K. Sasikumar
Executive Director

Mr. Thomas K. Chacko
Executive Director

Mr. Sajan K. Chacko

Mr. Reji K. Chacko

Mr. Anil K. Chacko

Mrs. Ancy James

Mr. P. T. Philip




Headoffice Doha - Qatar


+974 44694747
+974 44696975
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About SASCO Group

The Leading Construction Group

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Big J Events


Specialized Tyre Service

Express Printing

Hotel Crystal Palace


Civil Engineering

Civil contracting, mechanical and carpentry works.



Print & Events

Huge range of printing and advertising solutions. Complete solutions for high performance events: conferences, exhibitions and concerts.


Car rental services.
Car spare parts.
Tyre retreading services.



Culture & Style

School of Music & Arts.
Artful & professional framing of photos, illustrations, prints and paintings.


Products and systems from international brands to the pharmaceutical and medical healthcare market in Qatar.



Hotel & Catering

Business class hotel in the City of Doha. Industrial and institutional catering.
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